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Child sexual abuse occurs in children of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, and economic backgrounds in rural, urban, and suburban areas. That’s why body safety awareness and education reaching grades K-5 needs to be adopted in elementary schools across the nation.

Empowering children so that they feel in control of their own bodies is so important because predators choose their victims among other children on the basis of how amenable they may be to their manipulations. The child who is educated on body safety and body awareness is less likely to fall victim to child sexual abuse.

In addition to the book, No Secrets Between Us, the curriculum itself is divided into three age-appropriate courses of body safety study: Kindergarten – Grade 1, Grades 2-3, and Grades 4-5. Please email us to learn about the components that are covered in the No Secrets Curriculum.

Email us with any questions or to learn how to implement No Secrets Between Us CURRICULUM (Body Safety) in your school:

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Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts enjoyed reading the book, No Secrets Between Us!

New Jersey Children’s Alliance honored Mrs. Morrisroe as “Hero for Children Award 2015″ for her advocacy efforts:

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Qualifications: Rose Morrisroe, Ed.S. (Educational Specialist) – Current Status: Doctoral Student

  • Morrisroe created child abuse and body safety education curriculum for grades K-5, with an emphasis on sexual child abuse
  • Author of a body safety & awareness book for children titled: No Secrets Between Us, geared toward grades K-3. The book has been endorsed by Michael Reagan (President Reagan’s son)
  • Created a Child Safety Teacher/Youth Group Organization Training educating new students who major in Elementary Education, Nursing, Child Psychology, Counselor, Youth Group Organization Leaders and related occupations. Seton Hall University is the first to pilot the program. Since then Millersville University Social Department signed on
  • Chairs seminars at school districts and town hall meetings, which encourage parents, youth organization volunteers, and primary grade students to learn body safety strategies and methods that empower themselves and to be free from harm
  • Educating the public and empowering children on how to protect themselves from abuse

Email us with any questions or to learn how to implement No Secrets Between Us Body Safety CURRICULUM in your school:

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