No Secrets Between Us Cover Final w Endorsement

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Description: Can you keep a secret? Many children can, and that can be problematic. “No Secrets Between Us” teaches Kindergarteners through 3rd graders to empower themselves by learning body safety and to share their secrets.

‘No Secrets Between Us” is a picture book that uses fiction to address a real-life situation. It takes a gentle, practical approach to teaching body safety and awareness backed by theoretical support. Our protagonist Sammie learns that telling a trusted adult is the right thing to do when she needs help. At the beginning of the book, she is on a fun play date, which eventually leads to trouble. At the end of the book, she comes to understand that there should never be secrets between a child and her parents. Sammie knows she made the right choice in telling her parents the secret and is praised for her courage.  On the last page, Sammie is smiling as she is full of confidence and empowered.

Book Extension: As a teacher and after-school Administrator who earned an Educational Specialist Degree (K-8) and is currently a Doctoral Student, Mrs. Morrisroe applies the skills she uses in her classroom to help someone navigate the complex issue of child abuse and hones in on body safety and empowerment.

“I took great pains to make sure that my book would not frighten even the younger children,” she explained. “I have personally test-piloted the book by reading it aloud to my classroom of first graders. I made sure that my book is in alignment with the Common Core Curriculum I wrote for use in elementary schools.”

Rose said that “between the research and writing it took me a year to create my book.” Her preparation included studying evidence-based research conducted by various experts in the fields of child psychology, elementary education, and social work.

“With my book, I provide a step-by-step instruction guide on how to introduce the topic of conversation [abuse] prior to reading the book to your child. Once a child has read ‘No Secrets Between Us’ he or she will understand body safety and what a private part is and that it should never be touched. And if an unfortunate situation should occur, the child will have the confidence and knowledge to tell the right person about the abuse,” Morrisroe said. It’s Self Defense for the Mind!

Rose has provided two lesson plans at the end of the book from her elementary education child safety curriculum she wrote via  No Secrets Between Us Body Safety Curriculum. The lesson plans guide educators and parents on how to broach body safety and awareness in a child friendly approach. Parents and educators will feel comfortable and assured when reading No Secrets Between Us and discussing body safety with children.

Reason for Book: “This book is very personal to me, as I have experienced child sexual abuse starting at the age of 4,” says Morrisroe. As an educator, my mission is to protect America’s children by speaking for those who are in danger, helping the abused find their voice, educating the public about the importance of intervening in child abuse situations and how to get involved in a proactive manner,” says Morrisroe. “Prevention is key to empowering our children, families, and community.” “Our greatest weapon in the battle against child abuse is knowledge.”

Endorsement: Rose Morrisroe: one of the top educational instructors for the state of New Jersey and founder for one of the leading non profits on child abuse prevention – Soldiers Against Child Abuse. She encompasses vision, awareness, passion and accomplishment to the world she touches…. She saves the world around her and embraces the hurt with healing, guidance and compassion. ~Michael Reagan

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