No Secrets Short Animated Video

In just 5 minutes, a child will learn how to protect and empower him/herself in body safety education via No Secrets Between Us Short Video! Please take a few minutes to watch this video with your child, students, or loved ones.

No Secrets Between Us English Version


No Secrets Between Us Spanish Version – No Hay Secretos Entre Nosotros

“Rose Morrisroe is a passionate and dedicated advocate for children. In both her book ‘No Secrets Between Us” and the companion video, she has created a beautiful learning resource to educate and empower both parents and children about how to recognize and prevent child abuse before another innocent child is victimized. Please take a few minutes to watch the video or read the book with your children and arm them with the most powerful tool in the universe, knowledge.”

Jerome ElamĀ  Jerome and NSBU 2