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Author: Rose is the founder of Soldiers Against Child Abuse, a 501C3 national non-profit organization whose focus is to make a positive impact on the lives of all children and parents.  Along with the publication of No Secrets Between Us, she has written body safety & child abuse awareness curriculum currently being considered by schools across the country and Members of Congress. Please email Rose to discuss implementation of No Secrets Between Us Body Safety Curriculum in your school district. It’s Self Defense for the Mind!

A strong woman, child advocate, educator and author, Rose Morrisroe, was today named New Yorker Of The Week. She deserves this honor because, in the words of NY1 News, “she encourages children to become their own advocates.”

Recently featured on NY1 News, film crews captured Morrisroe, educating students against child sexual abuse at P.S. 18 Edward Bush. http://www.ny1.com/content/shows/nyer_of_the_week/219348/nyer-of-the-week–rose-morrisroe-educates-children-to-protect-themselves-from-abuse/

When Rose isn’t writing or teaching, she is a motivational speaker who has been interviewed for newspapers and on television at many key events for child safety. She earned an Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) and is currently a doctoral student who teaches in an inner city school district. Also, she is the after-school Administrator at the school she works at. Rose has dedicated her life to her calling…raising awareness, body safety education, and prevention in order to protect the most innocent citizens…our children. Morrisroe says, “Our greatest weapon in the battle against child abuse is knowledge.”

Illustrator: Matthew Fox is a nationally recognized illustrator for The Muppets.  His illustrations have graced The Muppets books over the past couple of decades.

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