President Reagan's son, Michael ReaganMichael Reagan (President Reagan's son) endorsed, No Secrets Between Us

Michael Reagan (President Reagan’s son) has endorsed Morrisroe as just the right author for a children’s book on this subject. The endorsement is as follows: “Rose Morrisroe: one of the top educational instructors for the state of New Jersey and founder for one of the leading non profits on child abuse prevention - Soldiers Against Child Abuse.  She encompasses vision, awareness, passion and accomplishment to the world she touches…. She saves the world around her and embraces the hurt with healing, guidance and compassion.”  ~Michael Reagan

Senator McCain and Michael Reagan are talking, No Secrets Between Us.

Senator McCain, Michael Reagan, and Rose Morrisroe are talking No Secrets Between Us!

As a Licensed Certified Social Worker I plan on using the book, No Secrets Between Us at home as well as with my clients at work. You have provided me with an educational tool that will be heard by many children and recommended to every parent I know. ~Jacqueline Russak, LCSW

“Rose Morrisroe is a revered educator and survivor of child sexual abuse. She advocates for victims of child abuse and her wonderful book, No Secrets Between Us, in an important tool to the prevention of child abuse. No Secrets Between Us teaches children to use their voice when they feel unsafe. CSA is an uncomfortable topic which needs to be discussed and this book is an effective means to do that. ~Kathleen Shelley, LSW School Social Worker

Governor Christie's Letter

Governor Christie’s Letter Regarding No Secrets Between Us!!!

“The Governor is grateful for your interest in offering your book, No Secrets Between Us, and curriculum for use in schools throughout the State and has shared the information you sent with the appropriate staff in the Department of Education. The Governor is grateful for your support and joins me in offering you best wishes.” ~Governor’s Office

Erin Merryn, Advocate & Author

Rose Morrisroe and Erin Merryn: Erin Merryn is a Child Advocate, Author, and National Speaker: Erin’s Law! www.erinmerryn.net

“No Secrets Between Us” is  great introduction for parents and children to begin to dialogue about safe and unsafe touches.  It is child friendly and written in a way that encourages honest and open dialogue.  Well done, Mrs.  Morrisroe!

Wanda Merchant, LPC,
School Counselor
Anti-Bullying Specialist

“No Secrets Between Us,” by Rose Morrisroe is a great tool for parents and educators in assisting with difficult conversations. Mrs. Morrisroe is clearly dedicated to her cause and has created a child friendly way to deliver a powerful message.
Nicole C. Syperski, M.A..
School Counselor
Intervention & Referral Services
Jerome and NSBU 2
Rose Morrisroe is a passionate and dedicated advocate for children. In both her book ‘No Secrets Between Us” and the companion video, she has created a beautiful learning resource to educate and empower both parents and children about how to recognize and prevent child abuse before another innocent child is victimized. Please take a few minutes to watch the video or read the book with your children and arm them with the most powerful tool in the universe, knowledge.
Jerome Elam
David Webb
“Thank you Rose for protecting children everywhere.” David Webb
“Rose, thank you for all you do for children. I am giving your book to Bill O’Reilly.” Jesse Watters of Watters World/O’Reilly Factor
Cheryl Wills –  Award Winning News Anchor at NY1
“Hi Rosey. Thank you for the autographed copy of your amazing book. I really appreciate it. Happy Thanksgiving. It’s an honor to have you on our airwaves. Keep up the great work Rosey.”

Survivor and National Child Advocate, Scott Spider Johnson endorsed No Secrets Between Us:

“I hope that your book gets in the hands of parents and children worldwide. GREAT JOB.”

Mr. Johnson is best known for his youtube video titled: My Dirty Little Secret where he exposed being molested at a young age. This video has reached tens of thousands.
Scott Johnson Spider NSBU Picture good one

Rose Morrisroe was honored “Hero for Children Award 2015″ from New Jersey Children’s Alliance for her advocacy efforts and for writing, No Secrets Between Us book/Curriculum
nj children's alliance actual award
nj children's alliance with cops


Australian Councillor and Author Paula Luethen-Soper:

“This is an excellent protective behaviours storybook. Certainly I would rate in the top 3 protective behaviours books each parent or caregiver should own.
The large colourful illustrations grab children’s attention. The third person story telling makes the story very comfortable for children to hear. The concepts covered include secrets, private parts, safe and unsafe feelings, you can tell your parents or trusted adult anything, and the positive reinforcement the child received for telling the secret they had been told.
Not only does this story cover all these important concepts in a colourful and simple story of a little girl being touched by Mr James when she visited a friends house to go swimming, but the author Rose, has included a number of guides on how to teach and reinforce the safety concepts.
As Rose is a teacher she has provided lesson plans for educators and parents, on “What is safe and unsafe touch” and “When should you never keep a secret”. For educators in the USA she has included references and a link to the standard curriculum.
In addition Rose provides a vocabulary guide to help teach children what each of the important words mean, and for kids learning to read has included a sight words guide to reinforce their learning.
I read this book to my 4 year old and he was fully engaged, enjoyed the story and understood all the concepts. An excellent comprehensive resource.
Well done Rose Morrisroe, not only on creating this great resource but for all of the work you do to make our international community safer. A quote from Rose, “Our greatest weapon against the battle of child abuse is knowledge”.

“This is a must book for all parents and guardians. Rose Morrisroe not only demonstrates the need for children to be aware of society’s unfortunate element but she prepares parents in how to deal with these situations. I wish this book was available when my kids were younger.” Michael John Sullivan — Award winning author and creator of The SockKids Children’s series

Jori Nunes Endorsement

Author Jori Nunes - Chocolate Flowers endorsed No Secrets Between Us https://www.facebook.com/CHOCOLATEFLOWERSJORINUNES

”As the author of Chocolate Flowers, I recommend this book written by a friend Rose Morrisroe to read to your children. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse as well as a mother of a molested son, I understand this topic all too well and want to encourage parents to continue to keep lines of communication open by reading books like this one.” ~ Jori Nunes, Author

“‘No Secrets Between Us’ is the perfect tool for educators to broach the subject of safe and unsafe touch with the children in their care.

The story is about a little girl called Sammie who is touched inappropriately. The message comes across very clearly that children should never keep secrets that make them feel unsafe.

The author has provided useful teaching lessons to further reinforce the learning.
This key message in this story is one all children need to hear and understand. Thank you  Rose Morrisroe for providing such a tool for our children. ” ~Jayneen Sanders, Author of Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept https://www.facebook.com/SomeSecretsShouldNeverBeKept


Eden Gordon, Publicist and Advocate

Eden Gordon: Publicist 


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